my profile

I see myself merely as a director instead of a photographer.

I create images and you could see my works as a photographer and also as an artist. This is a considerate difference comparing to many other photographers.

The feelings I express in my images are real and the situations I create could be found in real life so therefore some of my images can shock the viewer. This is not my purpose, but merely a result of the fact that my images confront people with themselves, through their content.

I have been a professional photographer many years now. My work has been published in most major newspapers as well as many magazines. I work on assignment for various companies and local and international news agencies and magazines.

Some of the coolest things about my job are: meeting tons of people, making art, enjoying the mountains, having creative freedom, the ability to make my own schedule, and the little perks involved with being a photographer: various freebies, etc.